Bridal Boudoir

Brides, and bridal themed photography are inherently alluring, and elegantly sexy. A lot of time and effort is spent finding the right wedding photographer, but a growing trend is booking a photo session before the wedding too.

Bridal boudoir photography has been gaining in popularity for some time. This unique twist on boudoir photography generally involves photos using wedding themed lingerie, which is traditionally white, along with veils and other accessories. It celebrates the bride, and the intimacy of a wedding, without the distractions of family, the day, and the stress that comes with it.

Bridal Boudoir photography

A gift to your spouse

Your wedding is an incredibly special moment in a relationship, and an inherently intimate and romantic time for those getting married. Because of this, sexy bridal-themed photos, either in the form of an album or portraits, are a great wedding or pre-wedding gift for your spouse that help to capture this special intimacy.

A gift to yourself

A bridal themed boudoir session can help a bride-to-be to gain confidence in front of the camera, as well as test makeup and hair styles that could be used on the special day, helping you decide on the right makeup and hair arrangement for your wedding shoot. 

Don’t forget that makeup for your wedding, much like for photoshoots, is going to be “heavier” than you may normally be comfortable with. Many brides are taken aback when they first see themselves, so having a session beforehand will help you to see how it looks on camera. Makeup looks different on camera, so knowing what it will look like will help you feel more comfortable with your makeup, lashes, etc. 

(Note: Our makeup artists also do day-of makeup services, so if you like the makeup that you see they can sometimes be booked for your wedding.)

A low-pressure boudoir session is also a fun way to get over the nervousness and jitters of being the center of attention and spending time in front of the camera. Because you’ll be working on a number of poses for your bridal shoot, it will help your wedding day photos look their best because you know what poses work, and have practiced them in the studio.

Outfits for your shoot

What should you plan on wearing for your bridal boudoir shoot? Many brides will bring a veil or other bridal accessories that they’ll be wearing for the big day. Typically this can include white bodysuits, teddies, garters, stockings, bustiers, and slips.

We recommend some of the bridal lingerie from For Love and Lemons, and Honey Birdettehas a very nice bridal collection if you’re willing to spend a bit more. 

Our studio wardrobe also has some options for you, including a few prop veils as well as a pair of white Louboutin heels available to use for your shoot. 

Plan Ahead

We recommend that you plan to do your shoot about three months before the wedding date. As you know, as you get closer to the wedding date there will be so many things to coordinate, you don’t want your boudoir session to be just another chore. The three month lead time also gives you the opportunity to plan the shoot, to review and choose your photos, order the prints/package, and have them shipped to arrive in time before your wedding. 

Don’t Forget Anniversary Shoots or Do-Overs

So the wedding is over, and you still have the dress, now is the time for some fun shoots that incorporate your dress that can be used as a wedding anniversary gift for your spouse. We also have some clients who weren’t 100% happy with their wedding photos done by other photographers, and want to do some post-wedding portraits that are a bit more dramatic, stylistic, and sexy. 

Post-wedding photos using your dress are a great way to get the photos you really want in a more relaxed and stress-free environment.