What Wardrobe Do You Need For Your Boudoir Shoot?

A boudoir photoshoot is all about looking and feeling sexy, right? The right hair, the right makeup, lighting, poses…and the right lingerie. But what to choose? What if you don’t have a good selection of sexy items that fit right? What about color? What about…?

Don’t worry! The last thing you should be feeling before your shoot is stressed. Especially about your outfits. That’s where we can help.

Included Wardrobe Options

If you book a full, two hour boudoir session, it includes hair, makeup, and  up to five outfit changes. (Note, if you do a nude set, or just a sheet set, that counts as one of the outfits.) But you don’t have to run out and buy four or five new outfits. We have a full selection available for you to choose from. 

Our studio wardrobe ranges from extra small to 4x, and includes lingerie, robes, dresses, button-up shirts and other accessories. Before your shoot we'll ask what your dress and bra sizes are, and confirm if you’ll be using our studio wardrobe. 

Don’t get hung up on your sizing, since it’s just a general guide for us. Sizes are hugely inconsistent depending on the manufacturer. So a size 5 from one brand that fits you great may be too small in another brand. We have a good idea of how our wardrobe fits on various sizes and body types, so once you try on one outfit we usually have an idea of how others will fit and look, and can make the appropriate recommendations.

Is the Studio Wardrobe Hygienic?

Yes! All of our studio wardrobe is cleaned with Clorox Sanitizer and Tide Alternative after each use. We also use a steam cleaner to ensure that each item is thoroughly sanitized. Our studio furniture is also steam cleaned as well.

If You Bring Your Own Wardrobe

If you’re bringing your own wardrobe, we recommend that you bring one body suit that you like, and at least one matching bra and underwear set. The key there is to make sure that they match. 

We also recommend bringing a pair of thigh high stockings and a fishnet stockings if that is a look that you like and feel comfortable in.

You should also bring a new thong, and black and white underwear in case they’re needed for the shoot. Again, we have a large selection of underwear available for use, so if you don’t have a pair you like or that fit correctly, we can provide them for you.

What Brands Do We Recommend?

There are a number of brands of lingerie that we use and recommend, but it really depends on your size and body type. Depending on what size you wear, Victoria’s Secret is always a good option because you can try it on in the store before you purchase. Also, returns are easy if things don't fit or if you don't use them, and the prices are pretty reasonable for the quality. 

We also love Honey Birdette lingerie, but they are a bit more expensive and you have to order online. This makes it a lot more difficult to figure out sizing with them because their sizes are a little bit off, but they do offer a better selection of sizes than Victoria Secrets.

We also really like SHEIN and order a lot of our studio wardrobe from them. Generally we recommend that you don't do too much shopping with them if it's your first time ordering, because their sizing is different from other retailers, and they don’t allow returns. We do have a number of SHEIN pieces in our studio wardrobe, and will be able to advise on sizing and fit.

And finally, we also recommend a brand called Oh La La Cheri, because they have very good options for plus sizes. You can also find great sales, so it's more affordable than Victoria Secret and the size selection is better.

What About Shoes?

If you're a shoe person and you have a bunch of nice heels that you’d like to bring, then please do so! But, if you don't typically wear heels, or you’re not super into shoes, or you just don’t feel comfortable wearing heels, then they are absolutely not necessary. We have plenty of clients who don't wear heels for their shoots.

Keep in mind that it's hard to look sexy if you're worried about falling.

What Not to Bring

Don’t bother to bring pasties or boob tape (these cover your nipples and are sometimes worn by models during runway shows). These will just end up showing beneath your outfits and look very unflattering. 

If you’re worried about what is and isn’t showing, don’t. We can work with you on posing, garment selection, and feeling comfortable with your body.


Remember that your boudoir session is all about making you look and feel sexy. The right wardrobe is part of that process, but it doesn’t need to be a stressful or expensive part of your preparation. We can help select the right outfit for you, and make sure that fits and looks great, no matter your body type. If you have questions or concerns about what to select or bring for your shoot, we’re alway here to help, so feel free to contact us!