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About Dana Nunez

Hi, I’m Dana Nunez, the photographer behind Distraction Studio. I’ve been a professional photographer for six years, but my journey to becoming a photographer has taken its twists and turns. 

My journey started when I graduated with my BFA from Ursuline College in 2009, with a concentration in ceramics. During my school years, I studied a number of disciplines, and found that I really loved photography. Plus, it was something I could do without a studio space. I bought a camera and took it with me everywhere and practiced both video and photography. I just had fun with it. I eventually went to medical school and decided that I loved photography too much, so I left that program and started my business. I went full time with photography in 2015 and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Why Boudoir Photography?

Why boudoir?  When I attended school, I studied art therapy because I love psychology and helping people heal emotionally. I wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to help people heal physically. Over the years I was also a childcare provider, and contemplated becoming a teacher one day. I was also a tutor for a long time. In other words, I love helping people learn something new.

I really enjoy the sense of accomplishment that we both feel when a new skill is learned. For me, art school enabled me to create and surround myself with art and other artists.

Being a boudoir photographer is quite literally the perfect combination of all of the careers I’ve ever thought I’d like to do. It’s funny to think back because I used to be so bored with the concept of business. Now I could talk about business for hours on end. 

Art has always been therapeutic for me. It was the one thing I was always good at. It’s what made me stand out and helped me find confidence in myself. I love that I can use my talent to help build confidence in other women.

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