Rental FAQ

REntal Details

No. These rental dresses are not meant to be used as bridal gowns on a wedding day. They are meant for photo sessions.

Local rentals are for 3 days. Pickup is the day before your scheduled photo session and the dress is expected to be returned promptly the day after your photo session. 

Shipped rentals are for 5 days. This allows for delays in shipping. Renters will get the dress the day before the photo shoot. Sometimes it will arrive earlier. You will not get charged extra if it does. Renters are expected to return the dress promptly the next day after the photo session. Please return ship no later than 11am to avoid delays in shipment.

There is a late fee of $50 per day. Please keep in mind that other people may be scheduled to rent the dresses after you. If you do not return the dress on time that may impact someone else’s rental. Please be courteous. If you know ahead of time that you’d like the dress for more than the 3 or 5 day time frame, please contact us before reserving the dress. We can give you an exact cost for the number of days you’d like to use the dress. 

If an unexpected situation arises please let us know as soon as possible. I will always try to work with you and find a solution.

If you are local to Columbus the answer is yes. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit due to schedule a dress fitting. The deposit goes towards your dress rental if you decide to rent a dress. If you decide not to rent, you can instead apply the deposit to a photo session with Distraction Photo.

We do not refund due to "not liking the dress." Please be sure you like it before ordering it. It is helpful to get the input of the photographer if you are the client renting the dress. The photographer usually has a vision for how the photo session will go and they will be able to guide you into the most flattering dress for your session.

If you are local to Columbus you can schedule an appointment to try on the dress before your photo session.

I do everything in my power to ensure your dress arrives on time but shipping delays are out of my control. I specifically choose to ship through UPS because of their reliability and quick shipping. It costs a little more, but it is worth it for the peace of mind.

If it looks like your dress is not going to make it by the date of your shoot, please try and contact me at least 48 hours before so I can try and assist you. No refunds will be given for shipping delays.

f you cancel at least 10 days before the date of your rental, you will get 100% of what you spent as a store credit. You can also apply the store credit towards a photo session with Distraction Photo. Credit must be used within 60 days of the original rental date. Refunds are only given as credits. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Yes! Many of the accessories seen in sample photos are available as an add on. Some of these options include crowns, body chains, headpieces, veils, beaded capes, bodysuits, and belts.

We have exact measurements documented for each dress. Please accurately take your measurements before reserving a dress to be sure it will fit. No refunds will be given if a renter orders a dress that doesn’t fit properly due to inaccurate measurements.

I ship anywhere within the US. Please check my website for exact cost of shipping as it differs based on your location.

Please be honest and let us know as soon as possible. Condition of the dresses will be documented between each renter but it’s helpful to know ahead of time. Some damage may be normal wear and tear. In that case you may get your full deposit back. Some damage may be so severe that the entire dress needs to be replaced. In that case the renter would be obliged to buy the dress. Please treat the dresses as if they are your own. They are fairly durable but they are long dresses and can easily get stepped on and snagged if not careful. 

At least 7 days. You should try to book as soon as you know your photo shoot date though. We recommend booking a few months before your photo shoot.


Yes. As long as the water is clean and won’t stain the fabric. Be sure that the water does not have any clay or mud that has pigment in it. 

The dress must be completely dry when shipped back though. If a dress is sent back wet, a fee will be charged. If the dress is beyond repair, the renter will be charged the full price to replace the gown.

Please try to avoid food and drinks around the dresses if possible. If something spills on a dress you can spot treat that section of the dress. If mud or excessive dirt accumulates on the bottom of the dress please wipe it off with a clean white towel and water before sending back. All detailed cleaning and sanitizing is handled by us. You are not expected to clean the dress before sending it back after normal wear.

Tide free and clear. A steam cleaner is also used to treat the dresses as well. 

Do not use any type of self-tanning lotion or spray before wearing the dresses. It will stain and won’t come out. You will be charged if the dress is returned with an orange stain from self-tanner. This is a big concern for white dresses.

Dresses are carefully inspected before being shipped out. Photos are taken to document the condition of the dress. Dresses are also carefully inspected upon return of the dresses. Photos are taken to document the condition of the dress after returns as well. Once the dress has been inspected, and if no damage is noted, the deposit will be returned to you.

The Aphrodite rental dress