Miss I

June 6, 2017


This past weekend was the first event at the new Distraction Photo Studio.  David Shockey Photography and Distraction Photo partnered up for the ULTIMATE boudoir experience!  


Having TWO photographers during your session means many different angles, different lenses, varied poses, a variety of different shots in the final gallery AND a lot of fun! 

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Miss I rocked her session!  Not only is she GORGEOUS, but her outfits were PERFECTION!  Miss I has done many photo shoots in the past but this was her first BOUDOIR session.  We are so happy that she chose us for her first one!  


David and I have worked together shooting weddings.  We make a great team so we decided to offer the option of having BOTH a male and female photographer for the event.  I’m so glad we did this and I can’t wait to see what fun ideas we think up for FUTURE sessions! 



“Having a male boudoir photographer didn't make me uncomfortable.  In fact, I was super comfortable because he knew what poses he wanted me to do and made me feel confident. Having a male and female duo was awesome because they work so well together and both gave their own perspective which made the shoot incredible."


“I would definitely do another boudoir shoot. I’m looking forward to actually doing more boudoir shoots in different locations!  I have already recommended boudoir shoots to my friends. I can’t say enough good things about my experience!  “I know people can be hesitant to do boudoir sessions, just as I once was.   I would say it was one of the best shoots I have done and I’m glad I was open to it. You will need to be open minded. Once you start the shoot you will get comfortable and it will just flow."


A big THANK YOU to Miss I for giving us permission to share her session!

Hair and Makeup: Grace Dwyer