About Dana Nunez 

I was born and raised in CLEVELAND.  I earned my BFA from Ursuline College in 2009.  My concentration is in ceramics but as it turns out, not having access to a kiln presented a problem.  After graduation I started doing PHOTOGRAPHY instead.  I upgraded my gear and began to do paid photo shoots.  I attended graduate school for art therapy before taking a slight detour and attending medical school.  After all that I eventually made my way back to the one thing that makes me the  HAPPIEST person in the world: photography.  I left medical school, started my company, and I'm LOVING every.minute.of it.  I now focus on my photography company full time.  I'm what some would call a workaholic but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Working with my clients is what fuels me.  It truly is my passion!  I LOVE the entire experience and I aim to make my clients enjoy their sessions as much as I do.  My focus is boudoir and couple sessions.  I do other sessions by request.  Feel free to contact me!