Leah + Sean

This couple is special to me because, before I had even met either of them,  Sean hired me to document the proposal in Cleveland Public Square.  It was a perfect summer day, there were people all around enjoying the beautiful weather, and the time of day was perfect for photos.  It couldn’t have been planned any better! 

I was thrilled when they chose me as their wedding photographer as well.  It doesn’t happen often that I get to be there for both the proposal and the wedding! 

The big day started at the Glendale Lyceum in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was such a beautiful location for getting ready photos.  So much natural light, great architectural details, and plenty of space to spread out and get some unique shots. 

The wedding colors and decor were beautiful!  The colors were burgundy and grey.  The succulents they used complimented the colors perfectly. 

Leah’s dress was from a dress shop in Reading, Ohio called Something New Borrowed and Blue.  It was an ivory, A-line gown with floral lace on the bodice.  The skirt was made of tulle and it had a gorgeous, long train.  The buttons on the back of the dress were the perfect detail.  I love that she wore a veil as well.  We were able to get some stunning photos with it. 

The ceremony took place at Trinity United Methodist Church in Milford.  Sean and Leah did a first look before the ceremony and it was perfection.  We also got some gorgeous group photos before the rain started.  It was perfect timing!

The day concluded at the Glendale Lyceum for a picture perfect reception.  It was pure magic <3

Vendors for the day:

Hair:  Jen Viox of Salons 117

Makeup:  Carmen of Glossa Makeup

Caterer:  Vonderhaars Catering, Inc.

Cake:  Jeana’s Great Cakes

Dress Designer: Lillian West

Limo Service: Land Force One Limo

Krystal + Kyle

This couple!  They’re my dream clients!  Kyle and Krystal are just the kindest people around.  They are so genuine, and I’m so honored to have been their wedding photographer.  

Their venue was perfect!  Both the ceremony and reception took place at a wedding venue called Skyview Lodge in Brunswick, Ohio.  There are so many great little spots to shoot around the property which meant we didn’t have to spend time traveling to other locations for the formal photos.  I LOVE having everything in one place.  It eliminates so much extra stress. 

We started off with the first look which was EPIC!  One of the most beautiful first looks I’ve ever done for sure.  For those who aren’t sure what a first look is, it’s a way for the couple to see each other for the first time before the ceremony, in a more intimate setting.  Some couples want a private experience with just the two of them and the photographer, other couples allow friends and families to be there to experience it as well.  I love when couples decide to do this because the schedule is typically much more relaxed this way. 

My second shooter and I were able to get the group photos wrapped up seconds before the rain began.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  The rain ended up being a blessing because it forced everyone to sit and relax.  The wedding party got a chance to grab some food and rest before the ceremony. 


The rain stopped at the perfect time and the outdoor ceremony was absolute PERFECTION!  We truly could not have asked for a more beautiful day. 

We even got some amazing night shots with the venue in the background.  Krystal and Kyle chose some of these images for their wedding album and they looked stunning in print! 

Andrew + Vanessa

We had originally planned to shoot Vanessa and Andrew’s engagement session in October but the weather just wasn’t cooperating.  Luckily we scheduled for a beautiful day in November and everything worked out perfectly. 

Downtown Cleveland is one of my favorite spots for an engagement session.  I was born and raised in Cleveland and I love it!  I spent a lot of time downtown as a kid so I’m really familiar with all of the best spots to do a photo session. 

The only unfortunate part about the day we chose was the fact that there was a Brown’s game going on downtown…and it just so happened to end at the exact time we had planned to start the photo shoot. 

 As we were trying to get photos, huge groups of very drunk Browns fans were yelling things and causing all kinds of traffic disruptions.  But I’m a wedding photographer; I’ve dealt with my fair share of drunk and yelling individuals.    

We started out on E. 4th and got a few shots before making our way around and past public square.  Unfortunately, they were in the process of setting up public square for Christmas so my typical shots locations in that particular area weren’t available to us. 

We made a big loop and headed back to E.4th once we got some great golden hour shots.  And it only made logical sense to end the session at the casino.  Night shots on a rooftop are pretty amazing.  I always recommend that my wedding clients give me at least 10 minutes on their wedding day to do a few night shots as well.  They always end up being some of the very best shots of the day. 

Vanessa and Andrew will be getting married in September next year and I can’t even wait! 

Celeste + Mark

I had such a great time shooting with Jess of Jessica Sonmore Photography in Canton this past April.  It was a cold and rainy day but the wedding was beautiful and the gallery looks amazing!  The beautiful ceremony took place at Little Flower Catholic Church.  It's such a gorgeous space and even more importantly, such an amazing community of loving people.  Sometimes you walk into a place and just feel at home there; this is definitely one of those places.  

Celeste and Mark have an incredible support system to help and guide them through their marriage.  They had so many friends and family members in attendance.  All of them are so genuinely happy for this couple.  It's easy to see why.  Just the way these two look at one another is absolutely adorable!  

After their beautiful ceremony, the wedding party traveled to a ridiculously gorgeous estate for group photos nearby.  

The reception was held at St. Nicholas Banquet Center.  It was so beautifully decorated for Celeste and Mark's wedding.  I loved all of the twinkle lights throughout the venue.  It definitely gave some amazing bokeh effects in the photos!   

I loved the details of this wedding.  Just look at these florals by Country Flowers and Herbs of Hartville!  The pink was a perfect pop of color for such a gloomy day.  

Some of the other amazing vendors that provided services at Celeste and Mark's wedding were Checkerboard Chessecake, Russel Sound Lab, Work Shed Weddings, and Mad Hair Studio.  It takes a lot of time and talent to put together beautiful events like this.  Each vendor played an important part.  


Last month I went on a road trip all the way to Arizona.  It was a brutal drive but the end result was worth every sleepless second.  If you know me, you know I require 9 uninterrupted hours of sleep per night…and maybe an occasional nap.  I did NOT get my 9 hours per night on this trip. 


I got a total of 3 hours of sleep before this sunrise shoot with Sarah.  I relied on her for the location selection since I had never been to Arizona before.  We shot at Papago Park in Phoenix.   

I don’t often wake up early enough for a sunrise.  If I AM awake that early you’d better believe I’ll have a camera in my hand and a pretty model standing in front of me.  It’s really the only way to lure me out of bed that early. 

After the sunrise shoot I took a 3 hour nap and then drove to meet with some Tucson models at Gates Pass.  It was a two hour drive in 100 degree heat and the car I drove there had no A.C.  I was born and raised in Cleveland.  I don’t deal with 100 degrees very well so I stopped every 30 minutes to sit in a gas station and cool down.  At one point, my best option was a McDonald’s.  I stopped in and tried to order a slushie.  Apparently McDonald’s doesn’t sell slushies….


I arrived at Gates Pass about a half hour early.  I decided to check out the International Wildlife Museum…and by check out I mean sit in their A.C. (there’s a pattern here.)  The woman at the front desk was so passionate about the museum.  I couldn’t admit to her that all I cared about was not sitting in my 100 degree car.  I paid her the $10 admission fee and pretended to go look around.  Why am I like this?! 


The museum is lovely but the water from the water fountain was not (totally irrelevant.)  I spent all of five minutes there and then met up with my first model, Kimberly.  She hiked the mountains with me, dodging the cacti WHILE WEARING HIGH HEEL BOOTS.  That was terrifying.  But everything worked out and we got some killer shots. 


Next, I got to meet Skyler and we shot together before the final group of models arrived. 

Ana, Kourtney, and Zuleika did a golden hour shoot with me at Gates Pass.  I was so excited to shoot with them.  They all had very different outfits and looks.  It was so much fun! 


I didn’t stay for sunset because I was a little worried about driving on the winding, mountain roads at night.  I know the shots would have been stunning but I decided not to risk it.  The drive back to Mesa was reallllly exhausting.  But guess what I got on the drive back?!  A SLUSHIE!  And it was the slushie sent straight from the heavens, I promise you that.  


I got a few hours of sleep and woke up bright and early to do another sunrise shoot at Papago Park.  This time I met up with Kaecy at Hole in the Rock.   If you want to see a cool place, definitely stop by there!  It’s so amazing!  And a perfect spot of photos.  It’s a really easy hike so it’s a nice place to bring kids too…there just may be women in lingerie walking around. 


And to conclude my stay in Arizona, I did a shoot with Shea and Dani.  These ladies are amazing!  They brought a ton of great outfits.  We ended up with an amazing gallery.  It was the perfect way to end my trip.  I made my way to Phoenix airport (and in case you're wondering, they DO NOT have a Starbucks accessible to every gate so good luck with that), hopped on a plane (you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to drive back) and headed back home to my favorite place in the entire world – CLEVELAND, OHIO <3<3<3

Myssfit Magazine

I'm super excited to announce that my photos are featured in this month's issue of Myssfit Magazine!  You can find photos from sessions with two of my models in MYSSFIT ALL-ternative Magazine VOLUME 2 JUNE 2018.  

Here is a photo of one of my beautiful models holding up her copy of the magazine.  

I'm so honored to be featured in this magazine for June.  I really love my career as a photographer and it's so exciting getting to see my photos in print.  

This photoshoot with Stephanie was so much fun!  I don't have much time to get creative like this anymore so I really enjoyed it.  This was my first attempt at applying gold leaf.  I'm so happy with the final results and I will be using it again in more photo shoots this summer!  If you would like to incorporate gold leaf into your boudoir session let me know.  It adds about an hour of prep time but it is totally worth it!

This was my first time shooting with Bree and I can't wait to work with her again!  She rocked this super cute set from Forever 21.   And those purple, glittery heels!!!  

Check out Myssfit Magazine on Facebook and Instagram!   To purchase a copy of this issue CLICK HERE.  

Xpressions Magazine

I am very excited to announce that my photos of Justin Jones are featured in this month's publication of Xpressions Magazine!  My photos are featured in JUNE ISSUE – VOL 2 – LITTLE MISS INKED COVER #122.  


The photos are from a doudoir session we shot together a couple of months ago.  We did this session at the perfect time of day.  The natural lighting in this Ohio City studio is so stunning.  It's one of my favorite indoor locations in the Cleveland area!  Mention this studio when you book your next session with me!  You will absolutely love it! 


MODELS IN THIS ISSUE:  Little Miss Inked, Tasha Blu, Kayla Wagner, Miss AliKay, CANDICEStyles,

Joyce Liu Huan, Shey Assar, Jamie Lynn, Ashley Pitzer, Erin Leigh Pribyl, Gina Pearson, ElleyCat,

Justin Jones, Prettypixy Kirsty Louise, Anna Katarina, Natalie, Kalee Maria Andres, Penny Lane,

Lexii Shepard, Elaina D., Tymika, Skidget, Lauren Amber Jones, Ashley Dermott, Juliet Frew,

Rachel Berkman, Francesca Flame, Cassidy Dias, Jazmin Gontiz, Mary Ramirez, Tina Marie Duran,

Brittany Dana Taylor-Clark, Rozlin Gomez


Check out Xpressions Magazine on Facebook and Instagram.  To purchase a copy of the magazine CLICK HERE.

Retro Rosie

I recently connected with a badass business owner in Lakewood.  Miranda's shop is called Retro Rosie.  If you haven't been there before you need to stop by!  The shop is located in the heart of the city.  Not only is it in a great location on Detroit Road (right next to Cleveland Vegan) but it's so adorable inside! 

Retro Rosie has the cutest lingerie too!  These outfits would be perfect for your upcoming boudoir session!  They also carry a variety of sizes that are perfect for all body types.  Stop in and try some pieces on!

I love what this shop is all about!  Women empowerment, pampering yourself, being original, all of the things I emphasize with my boudoir photography.  Plus Miranda is one of the coolest people you'll ever meet.  The vibe of the shop is super inviting because of her very warm and welcoming personality.  You'll love everything about your experience at Retro Rosie!  

Here are a few of my favorite outfits at the shop!  I recommend these to any of my boudoir clients.  Many people try to hide behind loose fitting clothes to hide "problem areas."  In reality, there are many tighter fitting options that look much more flattering.  High-waisted pieces look great on everyone!  

Check out Retro Rosie on Facebook and Instagram!  

Kat + Ivy

When clients book outdoor sessions I usually recommend to schedule them between May-October to increase our chances of good weather.  Sometimes clients want to plan an engagement session during February and that's okay too!  It's just much more difficult to plan.  It could be 70 degrees or below zero, 12 inches of snow or none at all.  I'm always ready and willing to shoot in any conditions though.  

Since Kat and Ivy live out of town, we were limited on dates for their engagement session.  We decided to schedule it for President's Day weekend.  And wouldn't you know it, we had a beautiful weekend.  They didn't have to bundle up in heavy winter coats and we were all comfortable for the entire shoot.  

They chose the most beautiful location for the engagement session: Jeffrey Park and Mansion in Bexley, Ohio.  If you haven't been here you need to make a trip to see it!  It's a public park so anyone can visit the space and take photos during set hours.  You can even rent the indoor space for your wedding!  

Not only is the mansion gorgeous, but there's an amazing wooded area that runs along the back of the property.  It has beautiful trees and a walking path as well.  

And to make the session even better, they brought their dog with them!  He is such a sweet boy and he is the most well behaved dog I've ever worked with.  He was the perfect little model and did everything we asked him to do.  He is going to be the ring bear at Kat and Ivy's wedding too!  Can't.  Even.  Wait.  

Kat and Ivy will be having their wedding at Waters Edge in Hilliard, Ohio.  I can't wait to capture their special day and post the images from their wedding gallery!

Taylor + Christopher

I had the opportunity to work as a second shooter with Amilia of Amilia Photography this past December.  Taylor and Christopher's wedding took place on December 29th.  It was a very cold day but the snow provided a gorgeous backdrop for outdoor wedding photos.  


The day began at The Bertram Inn Hotel & Conference Center in Aurora, Ohio.  It is such a gorgeous venue.  Taylor and Christopher used this venue for getting ready photos and for the wedding reception. 

The ceremony was held at St. Mary Church in Hudson.   What an incredible place for a wedding ceremony!  The church is GORGEOUS!  To top it off, the church was still decorated for Christmas.  The decor was an incredible addition to the wedding celebration.  



The reception was the party of a lifetime.  Darryl Cameron of Flash Jam Entertainment kept the dance floor packed with his amazing talent.  The music was a great mix of old and new, slow and upbeat.  The crowd couldn't get enough of it!  I really love being a photographer at receptions like this.  


Madeline + Kishan

I'm OBSESSED with Madeline and Kishan's engagement gallery!  This couple is absolutely adorable and I'm so excited to be shoot their wedding at Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland, OH July.  Can't. Even. Wait.  

We decided to do the engagement session at one of my favorite photo shoot locations - The Cleveland Museum of Art.   I'm so happy we chose this location.  We had the most beautiful weather that day and we were able to get some amazing photos both inside and outside of the museum.  

We started the session with some ADORABLE shots that included their dog.  What a perfect little model!  

The chemistry between Madeline and Kishan was so much fun to capture.  They are just too cute together.  They RADIATE love for one another.  Sweet couples like this are the reason I love my job so much.  I'm so honored that they chose me to capture their special day this summer.  

Valentine's Day 2018

In honor of Valentine's Day, I decided to do a couple session with my boyfriend and blog about it.  Because what could be better than that?!

The day started with a trip to Tease Hair and Body Parlor.  I got a blowout from the amazing Carolina.  Check her out on Instagram.  I love how it turned out and it looked great all day long!  The photo shoot wasn't until the evening and it still looked amazing hours later.  

My next stop was makeup at Sephora.  One of my boudoir clients raves about the service there so I decided to give it a try.  I went to the Crocker Park location.  I went in and requested a very bold look.  It looked amazing but I haven't seen myself with that much makeup on in a VERY long time!  Kind of scared me at first.  I imagine it's the same feeling my clients experience at times.  

I really love that my boyfriend is always down for a photo shoot.  I'm definitely not the easiest person to do a photo shoot with.  I'm very particular, always have to pose on "my good side," and I become a little bit of a dictator when it comes to facial expressions.  My boyfriend has a hard time with the "Vogue/GQ look so we usually just end up with shots of us laughing because I'm yelling at him the entire time, telling him to be serious.  As a photographer, I know that telling people not to smile immediately gets them to smile but for some reason I still expect him to just not.  I'm trying to reprogram his brain to not do the "smile and say cheese" thing that everyone is programmed to do as a child.  PSA: It makes professional photographers cringe.  I will probably never ask you to say cheese so get that word out of your head.  There are plenty of better words to think about!  Cheese is really delicious though....but enough about cheese, back to boudoir couple sessions.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, if you haven't done a couple session, you totally should.  We have fun.  We laugh.  It's not at all a painful experience.  Trust me!

Alex + Derek

I have to pinch myself every time I look through this gallery from Alex and Derek's wedding this summer.  Sometimes it's hard to believe I have such a cool job!  This wedding was gorgeous and I'm incredibly honored to have been a part of it.  

The wedding took place at Ewing Cultural Center in Bloomington, Illinois.  If you've never visited this town or this venue, you have to make a trip out there!  It's such a cute location.   Just look at this place!  I was in photographer heaven!

There was plenty of room in this venue to have both Alex and Derek to get ready in different sections of the mansion.  So. Many. Stunning. Photos.  

The bride and groom attended Illinois Wesleyan University, which is located just minutes from this gorgeous venue.  We even did the first look on campus at the Joslin Atrium.  How perfect is it that they had their first look at the location where they first met?!  It was probably the most romantic first look I've ever captured.   

We had just enough time to stop and get some shots of Alex and Derek around the gorgeous campus.  

We also ran into a fraternity.  We got some cute shots of the bride throwing water balloons at the freshmen.  And considering that it was like a hundred degrees on this day, they weren't complaining at all!  

And as if this day wasn't already perfect enough, the bride surprised the groom with a song that she not only wrote, but also played for him on the piano and sang to him at the same time.  She has the voice of an angel!  Every single person in the room was crying.  All of the women had to fix their makeup.  I had to mop off my camera because I had cried all over it the entire time.  Seriously, this couple is #couplegoals.  This was just the sweetest, most perfect moment I've ever witnessed!  

The ceremony was perfect.  DUH!  They wrote super cute vows and read them to one another.  Made us laugh and cry some more.  Once again I had to wipe tears off of my camera.  

And just look at the reception!  Could it be more ADORABLE?!  Simple but amazing.  They even had a s'mores station.  #dreamwedding

Words simply cannot express how magical this day was.  The perfect couple at the perfect venue on the perfect summer day.  I couldn't ask for more <3 

Jimmy + Sarah

I had the incredible opportunity to shoot a New Year's Eve wedding last month.  The decor was AMAZING!  The snow was MAGICAL!  The bride and groom were GORGEOUS!  It was seriously the most perfect wedding!  I couldn't imagine a better way to ring in the new year.  

Getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception were all held at The Schoenbrunn Conference Center in New Philadelphia, Ohio.  What a great space for a wedding!  Plus the colors and floral arrangements made the venue look like absolute PERFECTION!  


The groom had the coolest jacket and accessories from Men's Wearhouse.  His bow tie and cuff links were by Pronto Uomo from Men's Wearhouse.  The groomsmen wore suits from Men's Wearhouse as well and the groom's son wore the cutest suit to match his dad.     

The guys had some time to relax and hang out while the girls got ready in another suite.  They prepped up before the ceremony with some Woodford Reserve whiskey.  

Sarah was drop dead gorgeous in her wedding dress.  She looked like a princess!  And the shots of her in the snow at golden hour...seriously breathtaking!  

The guests lined up to toss rose petals at the couple after the ceremony ended.  It was such a fun idea considering it was FREEZING outside that night.  The reception was so beautiful, the first dances made me cry like a baby, and the couple is seriously the sweetest.  They are so adorable together <3 

Jimmy, Sarah, and their wedding party decided to brave the cold for some amazing night shots in the snow.  Our fingers and toes went numb but it was so WORTH IT!  They chose an amazing location called The Warther Museum and Gardens in Dover, Ohio.  It was the PERFECT spot for the group photos as well as some shots of the couple alone.    

Having all of your friends and family under one roof on the happiest day of your life… I couldn't imagine a better way to ring in the new year.  If you’re planning a wedding, and the goal is to host an epic party, New Year’s Eve is where it’s at!

Bloomtastic Florist

I had the chance to visit the CUTEST flower shop called Bloomtastic Florist!  They service the Columbus area and they're located at 2136 Arlington Ave.  Bloomtastic Florist is both a retail shop and wedding 

The street the shop is located on is absolutely adorable!  Bloomtastic Florist is surrounded by a bunch of great little shops, including a cafe, called South of Lane.  It would be perfect to visit after your planning appointment with Bloomtastic to discuss the floral arrangements for your wedding day!

The staff at this floral shop is AMAZING!  They're such a fun group and they really love what they do.  They're a great team to work with for your special day!  They even have a wall of cards and thank you notes from past clients, which definitely say a lot about the service they provide.  

The inside of the shop is super CUTE.  There's so much great natural light which makes the space so bright and cheery.  

So if you're getting married near downtown Columbus, stop in and check them out.  You're going to love them!