Krystal + Kyle

This couple!  They’re my dream clients!  Kyle and Krystal are just the kindest people around.  They are so genuine, and I’m so honored to have been their wedding photographer.  

Their venue was perfect!  Both the ceremony and reception took place at a wedding venue called Skyview Lodge in Brunswick, Ohio.  There are so many great little spots to shoot around the property which meant we didn’t have to spend time traveling to other locations for the formal photos.  I LOVE having everything in one place.  It eliminates so much extra stress. 

We started off with the first look which was EPIC!  One of the most beautiful first looks I’ve ever done for sure.  For those who aren’t sure what a first look is, it’s a way for the couple to see each other for the first time before the ceremony, in a more intimate setting.  Some couples want a private experience with just the two of them and the photographer, other couples allow friends and families to be there to experience it as well.  I love when couples decide to do this because the schedule is typically much more relaxed this way. 

My second shooter and I were able to get the group photos wrapped up seconds before the rain began.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  The rain ended up being a blessing because it forced everyone to sit and relax.  The wedding party got a chance to grab some food and rest before the ceremony. 


The rain stopped at the perfect time and the outdoor ceremony was absolute PERFECTION!  We truly could not have asked for a more beautiful day. 

We even got some amazing night shots with the venue in the background.  Krystal and Kyle chose some of these images for their wedding album and they looked stunning in print! 

Andrew + Vanessa

We had originally planned to shoot Vanessa and Andrew’s engagement session in October but the weather just wasn’t cooperating.  Luckily we scheduled for a beautiful day in November and everything worked out perfectly. 

Downtown Cleveland is one of my favorite spots for an engagement session.  I was born and raised in Cleveland and I love it!  I spent a lot of time downtown as a kid so I’m really familiar with all of the best spots to do a photo session. 

The only unfortunate part about the day we chose was the fact that there was a Brown’s game going on downtown…and it just so happened to end at the exact time we had planned to start the photo shoot. 

 As we were trying to get photos, huge groups of very drunk Browns fans were yelling things and causing all kinds of traffic disruptions.  But I’m a wedding photographer; I’ve dealt with my fair share of drunk and yelling individuals.    

We started out on E. 4th and got a few shots before making our way around and past public square.  Unfortunately, they were in the process of setting up public square for Christmas so my typical shots locations in that particular area weren’t available to us. 

We made a big loop and headed back to E.4th once we got some great golden hour shots.  And it only made logical sense to end the session at the casino.  Night shots on a rooftop are pretty amazing.  I always recommend that my wedding clients give me at least 10 minutes on their wedding day to do a few night shots as well.  They always end up being some of the very best shots of the day. 

Vanessa and Andrew will be getting married in September next year and I can’t even wait! 

Xpressions Magazine

I am very excited to announce that my photos of Justin Jones are featured in this month's publication of Xpressions Magazine!  My photos are featured in JUNE ISSUE – VOL 2 – LITTLE MISS INKED COVER #122.  


The photos are from a doudoir session we shot together a couple of months ago.  We did this session at the perfect time of day.  The natural lighting in this Ohio City studio is so stunning.  It's one of my favorite indoor locations in the Cleveland area!  Mention this studio when you book your next session with me!  You will absolutely love it! 


MODELS IN THIS ISSUE:  Little Miss Inked, Tasha Blu, Kayla Wagner, Miss AliKay, CANDICEStyles,

Joyce Liu Huan, Shey Assar, Jamie Lynn, Ashley Pitzer, Erin Leigh Pribyl, Gina Pearson, ElleyCat,

Justin Jones, Prettypixy Kirsty Louise, Anna Katarina, Natalie, Kalee Maria Andres, Penny Lane,

Lexii Shepard, Elaina D., Tymika, Skidget, Lauren Amber Jones, Ashley Dermott, Juliet Frew,

Rachel Berkman, Francesca Flame, Cassidy Dias, Jazmin Gontiz, Mary Ramirez, Tina Marie Duran,

Brittany Dana Taylor-Clark, Rozlin Gomez


Check out Xpressions Magazine on Facebook and Instagram.  To purchase a copy of the magazine CLICK HERE.

Retro Rosie

I recently connected with a badass business owner in Lakewood.  Miranda's shop is called Retro Rosie.  If you haven't been there before you need to stop by!  The shop is located in the heart of the city.  Not only is it in a great location on Detroit Road (right next to Cleveland Vegan) but it's so adorable inside! 

Retro Rosie has the cutest lingerie too!  These outfits would be perfect for your upcoming boudoir session!  They also carry a variety of sizes that are perfect for all body types.  Stop in and try some pieces on!

I love what this shop is all about!  Women empowerment, pampering yourself, being original, all of the things I emphasize with my boudoir photography.  Plus Miranda is one of the coolest people you'll ever meet.  The vibe of the shop is super inviting because of her very warm and welcoming personality.  You'll love everything about your experience at Retro Rosie!  

Here are a few of my favorite outfits at the shop!  I recommend these to any of my boudoir clients.  Many people try to hide behind loose fitting clothes to hide "problem areas."  In reality, there are many tighter fitting options that look much more flattering.  High-waisted pieces look great on everyone!  

Check out Retro Rosie on Facebook and Instagram!  

Wish of a Lifetime

I had the amazing opportunity to work with an organization called Wish of a Lifetime.  Wish of a Lifetime is a nonprofit organization that grants wishes to seniors in the community.  Their mission to is shift the way society views and values our oldest generations.  They envision a world in which society embraces aging and the inherent wisdom that accompanies it, where seniors are celebrated for their accomplishments and sacrifices, and where intergenerational connections are part of our daily lives.  Wish of a Lifetime started in Colorado but the organization fulfills wishes all across the United States, including beautiful OHIO.   


I had the pleasure of documenting a wish for a woman named Jane.  She attended Canton McKinley High School and played in the marching band.  She read in the local paper that the stadium had been fully renovated.  Her wish was to visit the stadium and see the marching band play. 



Wish of Lifetime went above and beyond with her wish!  And the staff at Canton McKinley High School was absolutely phenomenal.  Everyone did such an amazing job in order to make Jane’s day so special. 




I arrived at the Canton Symphony Center and met with Lisa Reicosky, the Canton McKinley Communications Manager.  She did an exceptional job at welcoming me and Jane’s family.  We then waited for Jane to arrive. 


Shortly after she arrived we all took the elevator up to the 7th floor of the stadium to get a better view of the field.  Canton McKinley High School even welcomed Jane with a message on a sign overlooking the stadium.  Jane was thrilled when she saw it! 



A few staff members stopped by to say hello to Jane.  The school principal even stopped by.   While he visited, Jane took at look at the yearbook from her senior year. She showed him her senior picture and read her senior quote to the group.  The high school band director also stopped by to talk to Jane.  We all listened as she reminisced about her days playing in the marching band. 



The next surprise was from the high school marching band.  They performed their halftime show just for Jane.  Watching her during this performance brought tears to my eyes.  It was such a special moment for me and I had never even met Jane before this day.  There was so much joy there at that moment as I looked at the faces of Jane’s children and the people who had coordinated this day for her.  It’s one of those rare moments in life where happiness is all that exists and the whole world feels perfect. 


After the performance, the band director presented Jane with a certificate thanking her for the time she had committed to the band during her high school years.  And since she played the flute in high school, he brought one for Jane to try out.  She told us she hadn’t played in over 40 years but she gave it a try anyway.  Her children were all smiles as they watched her. 


The final part of Jane’s day was a tour of the new stadium.  The renovation is just breathtaking.  It is THE most beautiful high school stadium I’ve ever seen in my life.  Jane got to see a luxury suite before we all went up to the rooftop deck to see an amazing view of the field.  (Note: if you’re afraid of heights I don’t advise looking over the railing.  Boy were we high up!)


We retuned back to the 7th floor to have some Canon McKinley themed cookies that were specially made for Jane’s day.  They were delicious and a giant platter of them was sent home with Jane. 


I love that being a photographer gives me the ability to participate in events like this.  Though I operate out of Cleveland, I'm constantly traveling all over Ohio, and into the surrounding states, to work.  I'll travel nearly anywhere to do photography.  I love the adventure!

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