A 12 hour senior shoot that spans 150 miles? I'm game!

No doubt about it, Morgan is a GORGEOUS young woman, but her beauty was accentuated by the fact that her outfit choices were. on. point!  I love when a client allows me to raid their closet and jewelry collection.  Morgan definitely had a lot of great options for me to choose from! 


She also had a really unique shoot because we used 2 completely different locations.  Being a wedding photographer, multiple locations aren’t something new to me, but hers were almost 3 HOURS apart!  One was in and around Nobel County and the other was in downtown Cleveland.  We did the first location at sunset the first night and then sunrise the following day.  Two very gorgeous looks that resulted in an amazing gallery. 

It was literally my DREAM senior shoot.  Half in the country, half in the city.  I don’t get to shoot barns very often so I was in heaven having so many new backdrops to work with!  Morgan even chose all of the spots that we used for the photos we took in and near Nobel County. 

Our first stop was the Guernsey County Fairground.  We got so. many. great. looks!  And the variation of backdrops....Holy cow! 

We also got some great shots at a nearby farm but since we were losing good light, we hurried to our next spot.  She told me about this really great road we had to use.  We used a spot on State Route 513 right outside of Batesville.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the city, and I really enjoy shooting there, but it was really awesome to be have a change of scenery for this shoot. 

Next we drove all the way back to Cleveland, got a few hours of sleep, and woke up bright and early do to a SUNRISE session in downtown Cleveland.  Just being honest, I rolled out of bed and grabbed my gear.  I’m definitely NOT a morning person.  However, Morgan got up a couple of hours early to make sure her hair and makeup looked amazing for the shoot.  Oh to be young again.  You can’t even tell that she literally only got 3 hours of sleep.  She looks gorgeous and well-rested!

“Getting up at 4:30am in the morning, after arriving in Cleveland at 12:30 was pretty rough but it was totally worth it!  I am completely IN LOVE with my senior pictures!!!!  They turned out better than I could have ever imagined and I had a blast taking them!”

Morgan was great to work with.  She has an amazing personality which made the shoot a lot of fun.  She didn’t even need that much instruction with posing!  She’s truly a natural!  This gorgeous senior attends Mid-East Career and Technology Center, located in Zanesville, Ohio.  She goes there for cosmetology and she even did her own hair and makeup for the shoot!  She’s definitely very talented.  I wish she lived closer so I could hire her myself!  Regardless of which career path she chooses after high school, I’m CERTAIN this incredible young lady will be awesome at it!